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A non-profit film company founded by Hugo Paice.

The company was founded to create educational science films and virtual reality for public education.


An ex art student, animation film director/producer and entrepreneur.

Hugo studied Sculpture at Kingston University where he specialised in installation work, combining computer sculpture and film. Inspired by the chaos theory and using morphogenesis and fractal geometry as a design principle he would ‘grow’ a piece of sculpture in the computer in an attempt to emulate the elegant mathematics, or art of nature.

After this, as well as bumming around Asia, swimming, diving and surfing, Hugo founded a company called Random42, which specialises in providing animated scientific communication films to the pharmaceutical industry. This entails illustrating how the human body works at the cellular and sub cellular levels. Hugo was a pioneer in this new field of ‘medical animation’ creating a house style that has been emulated throughout the world. Hugo grew Random42 into an international success story, winning over a hundred industry awards and becoming the global number one in its field. After the huge success of the company and after achieving an unassailably dominant position in the market, Hugo sold the company in 2015, promoting key staff into management roles and then achieving full exit in 2017 in order to work on educational non-profit projects, and so Project X was formed.